21st Century Medicine – International Medical Congress for Students and Young Doctors 2022



§1 General provisions 


1.21st Century Medicine – International Medical Congress for Students and Young Doctors, hereinafter referred to as “The Conference” is an international conference which takes place from 03-04th of June 2022 in hybrid form - stationary in Lublin and also on Zoom™ or Microsoft Teams™ platform.

2. The main organizer of the conference is organized by the Young Medics Organization of the Medical University of Lublin (member of EMSA) and Chair and Department of Epidemiology and Clinical Research Methodology together with the partners hereinafter referred to as “The Organizing Committee”. 

3. The conference is targeted at students of medicine-related subjects, and young scientists who are carrying a health sciences research. 

4. The aim of The Conference is to expand knowledge and interest of students by means of the use of a presentation of clinical cases, and results of researches, as well as the integration of the medical community. 

5. The Conference consists of 3 components: lectures, workshops, and scientific sessions. 

6. During scientific sessions, active participants will present results of own research projects, 

review papers and case reports. 

7. Workshops will be organized and held by employees or students of the Medical University of Lublin. Part of the workshops will be held stationary at the Medical University of Lublin, providing that the organisational requirements will abide by the epidemiologic restrictions. The statute and schedule of workshops will be announced in a separate document. Workshops might be also run by the partners of The Conference.

8. There are two types of participation in The Conference: 

passive - where a participant can take part in lectures and scientific sessions as an auditor, and actively in workshops.

active - where a participant can take part in lectures as an auditor, in scientific sessions as a presenter, and actively in workshops. 

A particular type of participation has to be determined during the registration process.

9. The Scientific Committee consists of acknowledged scientists from the Medical University of Lublin, 

cooperating with The Organizing Committee of 21st Century Medicine – International Medical Congress for Students and Young Doctors . Due to possible unavailability of any commissioner, the Scientific Committee can be changed at any moment of The Conference. As a substitute, The Organizing Committee is entitled to institute any person, and such occurrence may happen in case of insufficient (to functional conduction of The conference) number of Scientific Committee commissioners. 

10. The Scientific Group is represented by a maximum of 5 students or postgraduate students with their supervisor, registered in an identical order.

11. The Conference fee is:

A) 100 PLN/22€ - active participation stationary

B) 70 PLN/15€ - active participation online

C) Passive participation is free of charge

12. The official website of The Conference is: http://www.21stcongress.umlub.pl

13. The official language of The Conference is an English language. 

14. The official Conference e-mail is: 21stcenturymedicine@umlub.pl

15. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the form of the conference due to the epidemiologic rectrictions.


§2 Programme of the Conference 

1. A scientific part of The Conference consists of following scientific categories: 

General medicine

Internal medicine


Gynecology +  Pediatry

Neurology + Psychiatry


Civilization Diseases




2. The prerequisite of holding the sessions mentioned in §2 point 1 is the qualification of at least 10 papers submitted by at least 2 different science teams. 

3. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the number of categories depending on the number of submitted papers. Furthermore, The Organizing Committee reserves the right to combine sessions due to insufficient submission of papers. 

4. Only original papers, review papers and case reports are accepted during a scientific part of the Conference which were not presented at any other congress or conference.

5. Detailed schedule of the Congress will be announced on the official website (www.21stcongress.umlub.pl) of the Conference, on the official Facebook (www.facebook.com/21stcongress) of the Conference and on the Instagram (21st_century_medicine)


§ 3 Submission, registration conditions, and copyrights 


1. The registration will not be possible via the registration form on www.21stcongress.umlub.pl until 14th February 2022 by 0:00 (UTC+01:00). 

2. The registration of abstracts will be possible by the day of 20th March 2022 by 23:59 (UTC+01:00). 

3. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the dates of registrations. 

4. Abstracts must be submitted in English via an abstract admission form available on the 

official website of The Conference. 

5. Following the end of registration, submitted abstracts will be rated by the Scientific 

Committee within the prescribed period - from 20th March 2022 till 10th April 2022. 

6. Authors will be notified about the results by The Organizing Committee till 13th April


7. Each participant can submit any number of papers but the only papers with a positive 

recommendation of the Scientific Committee will be presented. 

8. The maximum number of authors of one paper is 5. 

9. Authors of each paper are obliged to provide their affiliation and the supervisor. 

10. Abstracts can consist of no more than 300 words. Phrases like: introduction, material and methods etc. do not count in the word limit.

11. Abstracts with more than 300 words will be rejected. Abstracts must include the names of the author, co-authors and supervisor (which are not counted in word limit). Abstracts must not include pictures, photos, schemes etc.

12. The original papers and review papers consist of 5 parts: 

A) Title

B) Introduction

C) Material and methods 

D) Results

E) Conclusions

13. Case reports consist of 4 parts: 

A) Title 

B) Background

C) Case Report 

D) Discussions and Conclusions 

14. Any other type of abstracts will not be considered.

15. The Organizing Committee reserves the rights to transfer accepted work to another session than primarily chosen by the Participant.

16. The decision of The Scientific Committee about acceptance or rejection of work is final.

17. Abstracts, after receiving the license referred to in §3 point 19, will be published in the Book of Abstracts, which will be distributed by the Repository of Polish Medical Platform of the Medical University of Lublin and the Repository of Polish Medical Platform, as well as by any other platform chosen by the Medical University of Lublin.

18. Authors and co-authors of the abstract are obliged to deliver two copies of the licensing agreement (which constitutes Appendix 1 to this statute), signed by all the authors - the license „CC-BY-NC-SA” - the formula chosen by the Medical University of Lublin. The formula is available at the website: www.21stcongress.umlub.pl and will be available at the office of The Organizing Committee until 30th April 2022.

19. The prerequisite for authors to have their abstract included in the Book of Abstract is to deliver a properly signed license to The Organizing Committee by 30th April 2022 to the address of the Young Medics Organisation of the Medical University of Lublin, i.e. Witolda Chodźki 7, room no. 19; 20-093 Lublin.

20. The Conference Participant undertakes to release the Organizer from any liability arising from claims of third parties regarding violation of any third party rights, including personal rights, copyrights, related rights or industrial property rights, in connection with the use of these rights by The Organizing Committee if any of the Participant's statements turned out to be false. In the event of such claims, the Participant undertakes to satisfy the claim and release The Organizing Committee from any liability in this field. In case of that happening, and if The Organizing Committee would be obliged under the applicable law to pay any compensation in connection with the third party claims referred to previously, the Participant shall immediately return The Organizing Committee the amount of money corresponding to these claims and bear all costs related thereto and expenses including costs of the legal representation.

21. The Participant of The Conference, at the moment of sending their abstract and work, states that they accept the statute of The Conference and the contest, and all the conditions of participation in The Conference. 


§4 Principles and forms of presentations 


1. The official language of the presentation is English. 

2. The authors are obliged to prepare their presentation in .ppt or .pptx or .pdf file formats.

Other file formats will not be accepted. Organizers do not bear any responsibility for malfunctioning of presentations created in different formats. All animations and sound files are attached by the authors at their own responsibility. 

3. The presentations should be sent to the Organizing Committee by an e-mail to the following address: 21stcenturymedicine2021@umlub.pl, by 15th May 2022 (UTC +01:00). Participants are obliged to send emails with the name of their session in the title of each email.

4. The schedule of presentations in all sessions will be determined by the Organizing Committee. 

5. The schedule of presentations is to be published on the official website of The Conference: www.21stcongress.umlub.pl no later than 7 days before The Conference.

6. Presentations will take place in the order given in the precise schedule. 

7. The work can be presented only by one author. Only the first author can present the work. All authors can participate in the discussion. 

8. The oral presentation of the original work may last no longer than 10 minutes, the discussion no longer than 3 minutes.

10. The oral presentation of a case report or review paper may last no longer than 7 minutes, discussion no longer than 2 minutes.

11. The Organizing Committee has the right to change the time devoted to presentations and discussions.

12. The Session Coordinator reserves the right to stop the presentation or discussion in the event of exceeding the time limit.

13. In case of exceeding the time by more than 5 minutes, the Coordinator is privileged to force finish the presentation – in this case, the discussion does not take place. (and the participant receives 0 points for discussion)

14. The online presenting person must be equipped with a computer/tablet with operable camera and microphone. The camera should show the view of the participant including the whole face and upper limbs. The presenting person is not allowed to move out from the camera view and mute the microphone during the whole time of presentation, discussion and the time between presentation and discussion.

15. While presenting the scientific work eating, smoking, and chewing gum are prohibited.

16. In case the presentation transmission is interrupted and less than 60% of given time has passed, the participant is allowed to come out again at the end of the current session. If more than 60% of the given time has passed, the presentation is evaluated and the participant is not allowed to answer the questions at the end of the current session.

17. The Organizing Committee does not take responsibility for any technical problems from the participant side, in particular an internet connection or other technical issues during the Conference.


§5 Jury, certificates and awards 


1. Works from individual sessions will be evaluated by the Jury composed of persons from the Scientific Committee of the 21st Century Medicine – International Medical Congress for Students and Young Doctors, who are not participants of the Conference (or supervisor of the participant's scientific work).

2. The results of Jury's assessment are final and indisputable. 

3. Assessments will include the following: the summary, relevance of the topic, the use of research in practice, diligence of presentation, language of presentation, time limit, discussion. 

4. Jury will select the winners of each category - 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

5. Jury reserves the right to award ex aequo place in a given category. 

6. Each winner will receive a certificate (via email for active participant on-line).

7. The following prizes are awarded for taking the place in the Conference: 

A) First Place - a book or an in-kind prize

B) Second Place - a book or an in-kind prize 

C) Third Place - a book or an in-kind prize 

8. Winners of each category will be announced during the Closing Ceremony of the 21st Century Medicine – International Medical Congress for Students and Young Doctors, which will take place on June 4th, 2022. 

9. The presenter receives a presentation certificate (one certificate per person for each of the submitted works). On-line presenters will receive certificates by email.

10. Prizes will be sent by post at the expense of the Conference, after 4th March but no later than 12th June 2022. 


§6 Author’s rights 


1. The participant of The Conference, at the moment of registration: 

A) declares the authorship of the submitted work and unlimited personal and property rights to the work, and that the work is not encumbered with the rights of third parties, and does not infringe any third party copyrights mentioned in the Statute. 

B) gives a non-exclusive, free of charge license of their abstract and presentation (sent as the part of The Conference) to The Organizing Committee. The non-exclusive license is not restricted by time, quantity or territory, and it is given for the usage in all known (at the date of registration) areas, in particular: 

a) in recording and multiplying the work - the production of copies of the work by a specific technique, including printing, reprographic, magnetic recording, and digital techniques; 

b) in trading of the original or of copies on which the work was recorded - introduction to the market, lending or renting the original or copies; 

c) in the dissemination of work - public performances, displaying, projecting, recreating as well as broadcasting and re-broadcasting along with the public sharing of work in a way which allows for access in any place and time by everyone; 

C) agrees for enforcement of copyrights dependent on the photography and its development, mainly creative recasting, remaking, and adaptation of the whole work or its fragments, multiple publishing in promotional materials associated with The Conference. 


§7 Processing of Personal Data 


1. The Administrator of Personal Data is the Medical University of Lublin, headquartered in Al. Racławickie 1, 20-059 Lublin.

2. Providing Personal Data is voluntary, nevertheless it is necessary in order to accomplish the objective, i.e. organizing The Conference. 

3. The Medical University of Lublin as the Administrator of Personal Data informs that obtained personal data will be stored only in order to hold a competition and for statistical and archival purposes as well as for the determination and pursuit of the potential claims in connection with the legally justified interest of the Administrator of Personal Data. The basis for the Data processing is Article 6 Paragraph 1 of The Regulation of The European Parliament and the Council of the EU 2016/2017 of 27th April 2016, in the protection of natural persons in connection with processing of the Personal Data and the free flow of the Personal Data and the reverse of the Directive 94/46/WE (i.e. The General Data Protection Regulation/GDPR), that is the fact it is necessary to perform the agreement whose party the Participant is, and actions prior to its conclusion.

4. The data will not be sold and shared with third parties, except for in cases provided by law, they will also not be forwarded to third countries and international organizations. They will be processed during The Conference period, as well as, to archive documentation after The Conference, following the law and procedures of the University, and in case of any claims in the periods under the rules of the common law. The data subject has the right to access its data, to rectify it and, in the cases provided by law, to limit data processing, data transfer, it has the right to make a complaint to the supervisory authority. The data will not be used for any other purpose, no automated decisions will be made based on it, it will not be profiled. 

5. The Administrator of Personal Data has appointed a person supervising the correctness of personal data processing who can be contacted at: iod@umlub.pl

§8 Final provisions 

1. The Organizing Committee is responsible for resolving any disputes which are not regulated by this Statute.

2. Participation in 21st Century Medicine – International Medical Congress for Students and Young Doctors constitutes an acceptance of this Statute.

3. By work registration for the Conference, participants accept the possibility for further inclusion of their works in promotional materials of 21st Century Medicine – International Medical Congress for Students and Young Doctors. 

4. Any questions or comments should be sent to the following address: 21stcenturymedicine2021@umlub.pl or through the message by official Facebook (www.facebook.com/21stcongress) of the Conference. 

5. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change above regulations by the day of 02nd June 2022. 

6. An active participant, i.e. presenting the work during the conference, announces that he has read the content of Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 to the above statute, available on the conference website, accepts them and undertakes to send the signed license agreements to the address of the Young Medics Organisation of the Medical University of Lublin, i.e. Witolda Chodźki 7, room 19; 20-093 Lublin, by the 30th April 2022.